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something for nothing! sweet.

TTD Karenscape
My good friend, fellow blogger, and super-duper wedding photographer Karen of Karenscape Photographers is having a contest, better yet, a free give-away. Karen is looking for brides willing to help her kickoff a "Trash the Dress" portfolio. If you are newly married, interested in getting some free fabulous fashion-magazine-type photos of yourself and your groom, and are willing to trash your dress in the process, visit Karen's blog for more info on how to enter. Karen is a fantastic photographer, (I speak from personal experience). This is an amazing opportunity to get something awesome for nothing!


Anonymous on 4:25 PM

Just a reminder if you trash your dress have fun but please don't trash it beyond repair...if you don't want it then donate it to Brides Against Breast Cancer or to a shop that can resale it to a bride with less cash. Offbeat bride just had a post on this and there was some very heated opinions!