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these shoes...

Oooooo. These shoes are realllllly nice. I would wear these. I would wear these all over the place. From Marcello Toshi.


Glamour This! by Kelly on 5:42 AM

oohhh. I would love to have those too! Us and shoes... lol

Nanette on 6:23 PM

Those are SOOOO CUTE!

Blue Orchid Designs on 1:21 AM

way too cute!

Lisa from Blush on 1:56 PM

My feet want those shoes!

Pencils on 5:07 AM

They're adorable--in fact, there's a bunch of them on the website that I'd wear. But is there anyplace to buy them online? I like to check out the prices and size range of shoes before I go look in stores. Considering I'm a size 11 and it's embarrassing to go into a shoes store and be told, "oh, we don't have YOUR size" as if I wear canoes on my feet, instead of the same size as many supermodels. (I'm 6', if I didn't have big feet I'd fall over.) Also, I like to know if I'm looking at a $200 shoe (possible purchase) or a $700 shoe (no way!)

Anonymous on 10:36 AM

I found the one on the left here, but in black / white.

I was googling around for the cream / olive combo but all I found were mentions of Paris Hilton leaving jail in them :(

Kelly on 3:46 PM

oh my gosh. i wish i hadn't seen these!!!! but christmas IS coming....hmmm....