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karenscape photography

We're going to pretend this post is all about Karen Gordon of Karenscape Photography. Honestly, as far as wedding photographers are concerned, my Mr. and I are convinced it doesn't get any better than Karen. She took about a million photos, almost all of which were fantastic, she was silent, stealthy, and professional. And to boot, we LIKED her. As in, she was a really nice person to have around on our wedding day. We're going to pretend that there's no vanity at work here, but I think you and I both know that my motives for posting these pictures are also a little bit about showing off. Just a little bit. But its mostly about Karen. Seriously. Well, maybe like 60/40.


Priya on 1:03 PM

I love these photos. They are utterly perfect. Beautiful!

joy on 3:33 PM


you look GORGEOUS!!! the photography is beautiful--what wonderful candid shots!


mackenzie on 3:50 PM

aww shucks. thanks you guys.

mackenzie on 4:01 PM

I love the one of my dad, giving my mom a big kiss. It tugs at my lil' heart strings. sniff, sniff.

joy on 9:42 PM

ps. you look JUST LIKE your mom!

angieb on 11:09 PM

beautiful pictures! i'm a fan of karen as well. she photographed my friend's wedding and i'm always oohing and ahhing over her work!