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more new material!

Since the last invite naming went soooo well; we're having another one! The creative juices are flowing over here at KenzieKate and we've got new ideas coming and going (and by we, I mean me). But I need names! The game is the same; I like to name each of my invites after cities. I usually pick the first city that comes to mind when I look at the finished design, but alas, I am not as well travelled as I would like.

2 more new invites from KenzieKate

Oh yeah, and the results of the last naming! A huge thanks to Mary for coming up with some fantastic names! The beachy one will be the Cozumel, and the jewelry inspired one will be the Sevilla. Thanks Mary!


I'm hoping to come out with all four new styles at the beginning of January on the KenzieKate site.


Erica on 9:10 AM

I'm feeling "Maui" for the flowered one and "Burlington" for the wintery one. Or is that too domestic and boring?

Sherry on 9:29 AM

The flower looks like it was meant to float on water... It makes me think of Monet's waterlilies paintings, which were inspired by a pond in "Giverny"

The wintery trees totally scream "Aspen" at me!

Beautiful new work. =o)

joy on 10:49 AM

gorgeous! love these new ones!
the chocolate floral...i'd say tahiti or bali
the trees/wintery one...stowe or aspen


grace on 12:26 PM

the blue trees also reminds me of Tahoe. it's the same color as the lake.

Mary on 1:25 PM

Yay! Glad to have been of assistance!

Kris on 1:31 PM

I love them too. I was also thinking of Stowe for the wintery one, but what about Sundance. And for the other I was thinking Maui seemed a little too expected, how about Treasure Beach (Jamaica).

Sherry on 1:43 PM

Haha, can I change my mind? I like Joy's choices! I think "Bali" and "Aspen" are perfect! No one's heard of Giverny anyway...

Dara on 3:35 PM

The floral does seem very Hawaii, how about Wailea or Lahaina? For the 2nd, maybe Bennington or Burlington (VT) - I thought Stowe too on first impression, but Joy had already suggested it.

amy on 5:41 PM

You're designs rock!!! Both remind me of some place green in the spring and summer and cold yet refreshing the rest of the year–Endinburgh, Dublin, Oslo, or Kobenhavn.

anon on 6:43 PM

for the flower one - Paradise Island

cella on 1:02 AM

When I saw the winter woods one, I immediately thought of my childhood trips to Conway, New Hampshire. We've also skied in Bretton Woods, which is a nice name.

Kristen on 4:55 PM

The first thought that came to my mind when I saw the blue one was Aspen as well. Although Telluride would be cool as well.

As for the Orange, I like Kona or Wailea

The chocolate floral remins me of the south, I like Savannah for that one

Mari on 5:34 PM

I like Havana for the first, and Tahoe for the second. They were the frist things to come to mind when I saw the invites. Beautiful.

mo on 9:22 PM

I LOVE these designs!
Aspen works for me, but not being a world traveler limits my choices; I wish I had more international experience to draw on. The trees definitely remind me of a trip to the northwest, the quaking aspen trees and the lodgepole pines...
It really doesn't matter what you call them, they are beautiful!
Well done!

rcm on 11:32 PM

How about Muskoka for the wintery one with the trees?

dani on 6:25 PM

More obscure Hawaiian city for the floral - KAUAI

and something wintery/scenic for the trees. I like ASPEN also. Or Eugene, Quesnel (BC) or Banff (ALBERTA).

They're gorgeous!

Betsy on 4:31 AM

How about Bora-Bora for the first one, and Tallinn (Estonia) for the wintry one? There's something minimalist/gothic about the second one that reminds me of Tallinn. I also think the second one could be nicely named something like Altai or Baikal to evoke the wintry cold.

Pam on 9:01 PM

Atlanta for the first one (i love, love this one - isn't that a magnolia bloom?) and Vail for the second - those tall trees remind me of riding up the ski lift and seeing the landcape in the winter.

heather on 9:58 PM

I think for sure that the brown flower should be Boston (I don't know what kind of flower that is, but the brown with that green is very Beacon Street/Back Bay, darling) and the blue trees, I agree with the other contributors, should be Aspen, (shwoosh, nice day for a white wedding). Very fitting, very pretty, and well, just downright classy, damnit. Will you ever design "The Peoria"? I long to see what "The "Buffalo", or perhaps even the "Carson City" might look like as well. Alas, my dreams may never be realized.

guido on 10:04 PM

Guido says he would get a kick out of something inspired by a town called "Rantool" in Illinois.

heather on 10:50 PM

I also thought of Charlotte for the brown and green, or Charleston, or the coup de grace: St. Augustine (how charming!) or maybe Cape Town or Johannesburg (sp?).

autumn on 6:47 PM

Auckland for #1 - tropical, but not tropical colors - made me think of New Zealand. 10 foot orchids and wool sweaters.

Oslo for #2 - clean, wintry, natural.