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colette malouf

I found some wonderful hair accessories at Colette Malouf, including my new favorite headband. I saw it featured in Real Simple this month, (albeit with the leaves slightly more smooshed together) and I really loved the look. It's dressy, yet not princess dressy. It's sort of elfin chic dressy. I don't know anyone who doesn't have a place in their heart for a little chic elf.


joy on 10:00 AM

i LOVE these...i'm totally into elfin dressy chic too ;)

ambika on 12:32 PM

Very elfin. Like something Joanna Newsom would wear.

Anonymous on 12:13 PM

I love the feathery one. I love all of her headbands! I saw on that they are having a Colette Malouf sample sale today! A lot of the pieces are 50% off!