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When women fall in love with men named William, do they play that song at their wedding? You know the one.
"Bill, I love you so, I always will..." The one from My Girl? The one Veda Sultenfuss sang to her unrequited love? I hope those girls play that song. Because none of the rest of us has a song.
But I digress. I'm supposed to be posting about these veils I found. We all know that great websites for veils are pretty hard to find, so I'm posting a link to Sara Gabriel. She has some lovely tulle* AND a fun little tool* to help you decide on your veil length.

*Um, hello. How many bloggers do you know that can use a homophone with that kind of ease? Hmmmm? That's right. A HOMOPHONE.


Emilia Jane on 4:29 PM

I am lucky enough to love a Bill. And you better believe I am playing Wedding Bell Blues! Laura Nyro's orginal not 5th dimension.