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hilarious cards for you

A recent email from Pheobe has turned me on to these hilarious (yet slightly off-kilter) greeting cards by Uncooked. I appreciate their humor. How many times have I gone looking for a funny card and found nothing but a bunch of Hallmark's with pictures of kids dressed as adults? You know the ones? Where the whole picture is in black and white, all except for the red rose the little girl is holding? She's wearing an oversized hat and kissing a young boy wearing shoes that are too big? I'm sure you're familiar with the genre.
The cards by Uncooked also brought to mind another awesome card company I saw on d*s recently. O plus D has a mouth like a drunken sailor and makes some fantastically lovely greeting cards*. They all aptly illustrate just how funny swearing can be when done with a touch of style.

*cards that I can't picture here, just in case there are any children reading.


Anonymous on 10:17 AM

love uncooked! they are really funny and fun in person, too! you might enjoy this interview...