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sam and dave: the venue

Again, it is Monday. This morning we have another installment from my good friend Samantha. Take it away Sam.

We've been to many weddings in different places: fabulous lofts in Manhattan, tents on farms and on vineyards, campus chapels, all lovely in their own way. My main wish is that, wherever we have our wedding, the venue represents Dave and me. I really want it to be personal. So we've decided to have it at parents' home, that is--we live in a tiny Manhattan studio. 130 people in there? I think not. My parents have a great aesthetic. My mom's an artist and my dad has an amazing eye. So if the three of us put our heads together we'll come up with some fantastic centerpieces and d├ęcor (I saw some lovely paper poppy pomanders somewhere…if only I could remember where).

The plan (as of now) is to have the wedding on June 9th-ish. We'll get married in the backyard under a big oak tree and then move next door to a lovely little one-room school house from the 1800's (now a community center) with a tent and dance floor outside. We'll have appetizers and champagne while mingling and listening to music. Later, we'll do a buffet dinner and watch a slideshow of me and Dave as kids. I adore slideshows! (We may even project it onto the barn in the yard). The only glitch is that if the weather is inclement, we would have to get married in the tent. Which I think would be less scenic. My dad made me promise to have fun regardless of the weather. His fear is that, if it rains, I'll sit there all night crying. (Dad, this is not my 1st-grade birthday party! I promise to roll with the punches.)


Mr. Lewis on 5:24 PM

Rain is supposed to indicate fertility..