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a little flourish

Sometimes the earrings over at Anthropologie are very... theme-y. A little too much fabric here, a little too many bobbles there. Too much shabby, not enough chic. Sometimes.
NOT today. Today they are dainty and feminine. Just pretty enough to wear with anything from a collared shirt to a floor length gown.


ambika on 11:10 AM

Ha, I absolutely agree with the bobble assessment. But, yes, these earrings are absolutely charming. I'll have to head over to their site and have a look.

Iris Moulton on 9:14 PM

Beautiful! I stumbled upon this because I own the pair of rectangular "bird cut out scene" earrings. I did, however, lose one! If anyone reading this wants to sell me theirs, please contact me via my blog!

-- Iris