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viktor and rolf wedding gown

Cheeky designers Viktor & Rolf teamed up with H&M to design this wedding gown, which is (sort of) available in stores now for $349.00. It is the first and only wedding dress H&M has sold, and they are flying out of stores all over the country! I'm guessing they're already all over eBay. H&M together with V&R have also come out with a men's tux, and other wedding appropriate wear. If any of you get to try one of these on, let me know how it goes. It's hard to tell anything about the cut of the dress from the photos.

Which reminds me... I meant to do a Trolling eBay post exclusively devoted to vintage gowns. Would that be helpful to anyone?


meridith on 12:22 AM

i would love to read a post on vintage gowns. i don't think i could wear vintage sizing but if i could i'd be all over it...or all in it.

Sara on 1:12 AM

I haven't decided what I think about the H&M Viktor&Rolf wedding gown. Although I am intrigued. I agree with you that it probably all depends on what it looks like when tried on.

rhiannon on 2:21 PM

this is ugly by rhiannon and if you dont like what im puttin on here then go to make another one thats better and im one of your bigest fans but this just suck

Marina on 5:48 PM

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