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new material!

Soon to come from KenzieKate, two new invitations! I'm not quite ready to sell these on the site, but I wanted your feed back about them. The first one is my take on a beach wedding invite, the second used Mexican silver jewelry as an inspiration, but is pretty enough that it could work in so many other colors as well.
I need help naming them! I like to name all my invites after cities. I usually choose cities that sort of embody the spirit of the invite in my mind. Like the Vienna is very rich and sumptuous looking and has a mocha colored ribbon, hence the name. I've never even been to Vienna, but this is how my mind works.
Any suggestions about names for either of these new styles?


Alison on 1:01 PM

For the beach one - Sydney

Alison on 1:05 PM

The one inspired by Mexican jewelry made me think of India, in which case I think "Bombay" would be a good one.

Alison on 1:11 PM

ah, nevermind, I see you already have Mumbay...Even though it's not a city, how about Morocco? Okay, enough commenting :)

Michelle on 2:34 PM

I've been reading your blog for awhile and I love naming things! I like La Jolla for the beachy one and Madrid for the jewelry-inspired one.

Mary on 7:07 PM

For the beachy card, Cozumel, and for the jewelry card, Veracruz. Both are Mexican cities.

Knowing the latter card was inspired by Mexican jewelry I feel a little funny naming it after a non-Mexican city; however, because I think the design has some Moorish qualities to it I also suggest the Spanish cities of Seville or Granada. In my humble opinion, Seville and Granada are closer to the stereotypical Spain (mantillas, flamenco, etc) than Madrid.

Katie on 7:07 AM

As soon as I saw the card that was inspired by Mexican Jewelry I immediately thought it was perfect for a winter wedding! I do not have a date set as of yet but am secretly planning my winter wonderland.

I can't wait until these are available and I can have them in my hands, beautiful!

I suggest Aspen just because I love the snow ( can you tell?).

joy on 11:25 AM

they are beautiful! i agree that the left one looks more beachy/summery & and right one more wintery (although that one really could be so many color as you said and look great)...yay!

ambika on 5:11 PM

I suppose the Mexican inspired invite could be seen as wintery but the blue could be as inspired by the sea as anything else. I think 'Cozumel' is a great suggestion. Or maybe Morelia? I always liked that as a name in general. And the coral pattern is just lovely. Makes me think of Indonesia (it's not far from the Great Reef, right?) and Bali, which I'm not sure if you've used already.

daphney on 9:08 AM

I love naming stuff!! The Mexican inspired invite is subtle so I would name that Soledad. I think if it was named after one of the more popular Mexican cities, people would expect more common or obvious Mexican imagery. I would name the coral invitation Anau (a city in Bora Bora) or Bora Bora itself (even though it's not a city).

Me on 1:37 PM

I like Manzanillo (Cuba). They are lovely, by the way.

lena on 10:07 AM

these new designs are really beautiful Mackenzie!

alldomas on 8:33 AM

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