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easy, easy ambiance

follow the lights...
This makes a fantasic alternative to this, and the former costs twenty-three dollars a piece. TWENTY-THREE. Now I can't say for sure how much the latter costs. But I can say that it is for sure more than twenty-three dollars. Plus a fingertip or two. All I'm saying is that it's a dern good alternative. Consider the possibilities! At an evening wedding outside, hung in the trees. Hung low over the tables at a loft type event, or hung at different lengths, clustered together over the buffet table. I'd say there's lots of potential here. These can be found at Smith & Hawken, in white or red.

*AVOID DISCO FEVER: try not to hang just one over the dance floor.


Jane on 11:32 AM

Yes, but yours were sooooo beautiful!

Lauren on 11:36 AM

I agree that yours are more special...
but these are nice.
Where are they from?

mo on 5:32 PM

I liked the depth and detail of the flowers on yours so much better. And these at S&H are only 7.5 inches in diameter. Maybe theirs for the light and yours for the WOW!

alas, they are sold out anyway.

Anonymous on 7:58 PM

know where else you could find these? I am trying to make my wedding outdoors and beautiful for the two of us: my fiance and I.