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pop beauty eye combos

My recent infatuation with eyeshadow has lead me to these combos from Pop Beauty. I'm venturing to Sephora today to try one of them out... Now I wonder if you're supposed to buy based on your own eye color, or the eye color you wish you had. For example, I would like to buy the green one, but I guess I should really buy the brown one. If only they had hazel... I could probably get away with hazel.

ps.I really should be getting the brown


Zandra on 8:02 AM

It looks absolutely lovely, but the quality sucks! It breaks so easely so now i have blue dust all over my livingroom that´s imposseble to get off the fabrics.

Kay on 8:28 PM

I heart my combo, I know many people who have a combo in their eye color, it really makes a difference in your makeup