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trolling ebay: gowns like crazy

So, I trolled. I found some lovely vintage wedding dresses on eBay, and I hope you'll give them a look.


1. I love this gown. It reminds me of a cross between last season's Reem Acra and Claire Pettibone. Imagine it without the sleeves.
2. I love the pleating in the bodice of this dress, and am convinced that with a liner in the bodice (please not black), a petticoat, and maybe a light blue ribbon around the hips, it could be really stunning for an informal affair.
3. Are you tall? Are you slender? Whyyyy aren't you wearing this RIGHT NOW?


4. I want to rip the sleeves off this one so that it can realize it's full drop dead fabulous potential.
5. This is vintage Henry Bendel. Hello Henry! It is also gorgeously embroidered all over the place and could be so very NOW.
6. This one could take the cake. It could be my very favorite of the whole lot. All you have to do is dry clean it. It's perfect.
7. This is a long satin and lace "topcoat" to wear over your dress. The pictures are crap, but it's got potential.
8. Again, the drama in this dress whifs of Reem Acra. I must ask that you mentally rip the sleeves off this one to sense it's full potential.


9. Did I say number 6 was my favorite? I meant number 9. I still like number six, but ooooo, number 9. I love the pleats!
10. This one is all set to go. Never been worn. Which makes me a little sad for it. It needs a happy home.
11. This one is so sweet. I can picture this with a stylish little blusher and some peep toe pumps on the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings.


mo on 11:00 PM

number 9 is also my favorite. It has so much style, I love the cut. It's very special, reminds me of Audrey Hepburn???? I'm not sure why.

A bride I know used her mom's dress (which was stunning to begin with) and had it redone. The sleeves were history, the high neck disappeared, and the dress was very new.
At the wedding they displayed photos of the mom in the dress and a pre-bridal photo of the daughter in the same dress. The frames matched and the effect was great.

Buy Your Wedding on eBay on 2:20 AM

Dang, those are gorgeous! Great finds. love, love, LOVE the neckline on #8! I agree, remove those sleeves. ;)
#2 is a cutie too, gotta have the right bod for it.