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embracing embossing

What a fun way to personalize... everything! These embossers come in a variety of messages, from "Save-the-Date" to "Happy Holidays" and everything in between. I love the monogram embossers for tagging wedding favors. They're a bargain at only 28.00 each from Room Service Home.

*We're off to Connecticut for Thanksgiving today! I'll be posting all week from my parent's house. Hopefully I'll have plenty of spare time in between eating and... eating.


meridith on 12:54 AM

beautiful! where can you buy them?

heather on 1:04 AM

can I get one of these lovely embossed tags that says, "this 'this whimsical cupcake tree' is mine, so keep off!"?

ms. spinach on 1:59 AM

oh, i love this! i'm totally going to get this and put tags on *everything.* what a great find.