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sam and dave - the dress

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This week, on Sam and Dave, Samantha shops for her wedding dress! Will she find what she's looking for? or will she crack under the pressure? Find out as we continue our coverage of Samantha's wedding journey.
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Sam's Parents
Hi everyone, Samantha here.
Why can't I be a more traditional bride? My parents eloped on Martha's Vineyard in a teepee, which may be a source of the problem (that's them, up there). Either way, I'm looking for a non-traditional wedding dress. I already know what I don't want: anything poofy, sequined, beaded, or veiled. As far as what I do want: something romantic and ethereal. Something special, but also un-bridal. That narrows it down, right? Luckily, I happen to have a close friend who works as a fashion editor. Together, we visited some vintage/bridal shops in search of the elusive perfect fit.

First, we went to New York Vintage and pulled some slip dresses for me to try. I learned very quickly that anything cut on the bias is bad. Really bad. A stunning silk, unlined '30's nightie that hugs every curve and then flares at the bottom makes me look like a mermaid that ate too much lobster. I couldn't have looked worse if I'd been wearing a magnifying glass. Great for some, not for me.


Next, we meandered over to Foley and Corinna in the East Village, followed by Blue, also in the East Village. Last, but not least, we hit Thread, located on the Upper East Side inside The Wedding Library. They make lovely, unique dresses for bridesmaids and fancy occasions (pictured above). The colors were perfect: pinks, blues, whites, and creams. The fabrics were primarily chiffon and satin. My friend rolled her eyes at me every time when I said: "But I want shiny!" In her most diplomatic tone of voice, she said, "Sam, maybe 'shiny' shouldn't be at the top of your priority list."

Of all the dresses I tried, there was one that stood apart from the rest; a beautiful, strapless, multi-tiered dress of cotton eyelet with a small flower pattern. My friend loved it, and the helpful sales clerk loved it. I felt great. The only reason I didn't buy it on the spot was that I still had plenty of time to keep looking before making my final decision. But it's a wonderful relief to know it'll be there if I want it, and it's not even shiny—see, I'm open-minded.