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j who?

I was so pleasantly surprised to see such an unusual dress from J. Crew! Love the collar, love the eyelet, love the thoughtful tuxedo details. The price tag surprised me as well... it seemed a bit high for J. Crew. Although I suppose I wouldn't have thought twice about the price had I seen the same dress on a designer's website.


hh on 3:52 PM

j. crew started up a wedding shop section. i think that dress is probably along those lines. it's vrey pretty.

Sharp Lily on 6:01 PM

This dress is a vision!! I love it, and I'm kind of sick about the price. Nuts!

pooh on 6:14 PM

Crap. I already have my dress.

cruststation on 7:05 AM

Beautiful shape and design.

jen on 12:05 AM

LOVE! I swear - your beautiful finds make me want to get married all over again!

Ilaria on 9:26 AM

Beautiful wedding gowns at J.Crew website. But is it safe and reliabe to buy there?