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trolling ebay 11

Since I usually "troll ebay" for pretty, special, or generally useful items, I thought today I'd share a few examples of what might not make the cuts during my usually rigorous selection process. For whatever reason, I tend not to post any of the hilarious crap I stumble across, but today, there was just too way too much to pass it up.

First, this product is described as a "Globe de Mariee" and I have absolutely no idea what it's for. It is shaped like a chair, it's covered with birds and mirrors, there's a wax crown (?) involved... I just don't understand what anyone would do with this. If you know, you must share.

Next, a hilarious juice glass that depicts an innocent 1930's bride in various states of undress.

Then, the world's most unflattering cake topper. The bride looks like a dejected Pillsbury Dough Boy in drag. The groom has to pee real bad, and isn't quite sure how he's going to remove his skin tight one piece jumpsuit before there's trouble. All that, PLUS they both have the same haircut. And it's not a very good one.

Last, if this veil could talk, it would say "phooooooof"


Pooh on 1:20 PM

Please help! I'm looking for nice wrapping paper-- and I can't find it anywhere. While ago I found a great site that had birds and pussy willows-- among others-- wrapping paper, but I can't find the site any longer and -sob- I am losing it!