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every inch a lady

The highlight of the last twenty-four hours, for me, was purchasing a sweatshirt. I bought a hoodie, standard issue, kangaroo-pocket hoody. It was $35.00. It's green. This was the highlight of my day. The low-light? That would be mopping the bathroom floor. I gathered enough hair on that mop to weave myself a new head of hair. Well, maybe just a set of bangs. Really gross tangly bangs with dust in them. Ew.
Needless to say; in the past twenty-four hours I have not been "every inch a lady".
The cure for this is a little twirl around Betsey Johnson. One must twirl around Betsey Johnson, there is no other way. I'm feeling a little better now. Hell, I feel like painting my nails, throwing together an updo (withOUT the new bangs, ew.), putting on a fantastic dress, going to a party, and drinking champagne. Say what you will about Betsey Johnson, but she sure knows how to dress a lady for a good time. Every single one of those dresses was born to party.