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Above: Inhabit duvet cover in platinum and charcoal from, and Sausalito dinnerware from Rosanna.

Not too long ago, Karen wrote in wanting to know where she could register (other than The PB, C&B, or BB&B). Well, Karen. I have several places for you to browse. AND I'm pleased to announce they have virtually NO B's in their names. They don't even sell any B's. No barns, no barrels. Maybe a bed or a bath. But nothing beyond that. (Sometimes I think I'm funny. Other times: Not so much.)

Here are a few more you might like, all offer a registry service.

Sur La Table
Tivoli Home
Unica Home
Pillows and Throws

Feel free to add to the list if you've got suggestions!


B on 2:35 AM

How about Gaiam?

Diana on 5:58 PM

Heath Ceramics!

I was so thrilled when I discovered they had a registry. Their dishes are hard to find and being able to pick from the whole collection was so great!

I love that there are small places that do registries--it's so unexpected. I think our guests actually appreciated not having to slog through the whole department-store registry thing they'd done a hundred times before.