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just a little favor

I have to apologize for my lack of posting yesterday. I was hosting a LOST premiere party, and I was knee deep in moussaka all day. Speaking of LOST, WHAT was up with the whole zoo vibe last night?! I couldn't have seen that coming a mile away. That show never ceases to impress me with it's twists. But, I digress.
I finally had a spare moment this morning and was poking around on Stylehive when I found this UK mail order site, Cox & Cox. It seems like a fun place to find unique favors and decorating items. I love the sparkler idea, though I might just have guests hold them, rather than sticking them in the dessert. I wouldn't want to risk getting ashes on my petite fours! Even though this is a UK based company, they will indeed ship to the US, I checked.
On a completely different note, does any one know of an all inclusive style resort in Florida or Arizona or someplace warm that they'd recommend? My family is looking for a place to have a 4 day end of winter get together, and we don't know where to go. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!


BrittanyZ on 1:32 PM

cox & cox is my new favorite website... so much so that I had to post my two favorites on our Kathy Davis Studio Blog:

Thanks for all the fantastic inspiration, I check you blog frequently!