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Ladies Who Launch

Yesterday I attended a wonderful event hosted by Ladies Who Launch. This group has allowed me to meet so many wonderful women, and I'm so inspired by all their ideas and 'launchings'. I saw my good friend Bee, (of Wedding Bee) who I believe is the one person who understands my need to blog. I saw Helene, who is a total hoot and who also runs a crackerjack little company called There were a few speakers that I found inspiring, one of them was Melissa, who runs this very cool 'eco chic' resort in Mexico called Amansala that you all should check out. The other was Stephanie, who founded Monster Commerce and is hugely successful yet is the same age as I am. I must admit, while Stephanie's story was inspiring, it made me wish I had worked a little harder when I was 22. But alas, at 22 I wasn't coming up with the next big idea. I was designing wallpaper in Connecticut.