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tricia sawyer colors me wonderful

I while back I mentioned Tricia Sawyer for her ~awesome~ tutorials, on which I became totally addicted. After watching so many of them, I sort of got the itch to get some of the actual makeup, which I did. It came yesterday. I was totally beside myself with joy. I immediately made up one eye with one look and then experimented on the other eye with a different look, then took it all off and did two more seperate looks on either eye. My mister thinks I've gone crazy. I've got one smokey eye and one natural eye and he's got the "what's got into you?" look on his face. Not to worry. When my experimental phase is done, both eyes will match. Yes they will.
Needless to say, I'm delighted with my new makeup.
I've been emailing with the owner of the company, Tricia, and she's just the sweetest person you could imagine. I sent her a horrible photo of myself and asked for her suggestions about my colors, her choices were spot on. I got the "Kate" palette, which looks sort of dark and dramatic online, but can be very subtle and sophisticated in real life. I also got the "Ambitious" blush puff, which is sort of a shimmery light natural pink, somewhere between a highlighter and a blush.
Tricia is soon to come out with brushes and foundation, which you can be sure I'll let you know about.