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bag, borrow, or steal

Do you guys know about this? Was I the last to get the memo about this place?
Bag, Borrow, or Steal is an online boutique that allows you to rent luxury products for short periods of time so that you can fool people into thinking you live a jet-setting, trend-defining life style at the top of the fashion food chain.
Superb. This is just the kind of trickery I happen to like.
Mind you, it's not free. It's free-ER than it would be if you bought the real deal for keeps, but it's not free. If you're dreaming of real diamonds and salt-water pearls, this place just might allow you to splurge without refinancing anything. Don't miss the lovely Vera Wang jewelry or the designer evening clutches.


Cari on 1:55 PM

Caution with this one. I sigend up for this service last year and all of the bags I recived were dirty and worn. I would not recommend.