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happy halloween

Happy Halloween! Here's a picture of me in costume at the 7th Ave Halloween Parade. See? I'm not always thinking about invitations and parties. Sometimes I think about marine life.
The little skeleton I'm talking to threatened to cut off my tentacles with his light saber if I tried to sting him. I tried hard to look intimidated, but he was just too darn cute!


Anonymous on 3:30 AM

That is genius!! I love your costume~!

Anonymous on 10:20 AM

Your costume is fantastic! How creative! I'm sad I missed the parade last night for a work looked fun!

Anonymous on 11:51 AM

I love the look on the little girl's face!!!

The best part of this costume is that after you make your entrance at the party, you can just be yourself! Great idea!

Anonymous on 7:23 PM

Ah, love your costume. I'm keeping that in mind for next year.