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mother of pearl

I love it when people write me with ideas for new posts. I want to hear about great companies you've worked with. If you're a designer, I want to see your stuff. If you're having a hard time finding something, I want to help you look. Seriously.
Recently, I got a request from Chippery, who wanted to find more mother-of-pearl jewelry. Well, I'm on it.
From left to right, Annie Hammer makes ethereal mother-of-pearl jewelry with a very modern touch. Next is Lauren Paige who has a few classicly simple mother-of-pearl peices, but also offers a custom service, which you should totally ask her about. Followed by Ross-Simon's where you can often find estate pieces and restored vintage, I love the hoop earrings pictured up top. Last is Jegem, who offers the HUGEST selection of mother-of-pearl everything. Another great, yet unpictured resource for mother-of-pearl is, who offers inexpensive and somewhat beachy options.
See? Now I feel like such a good little helper. I'm going to go reward myself with some graham crackers.


meg busse on 5:06 PM


Just found these mother-of-pearl earrings on 'stars and infinite darkness'. loved the old-fashioned-ness and the clean lines!

Chippery on 1:40 PM

You're so quick! Thank you soooo much :) The pieces you featured are beautiful and the sites are terrific :)

-in heaven-

Mackenzie on 9:32 PM

Update! There are also some wonderful mother of pearl things over at

Check out the earrings in particular.