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coral, lapis and jade

Olia Jewelry
I love the idea of pairing opaque stones with formal white or ethereal ivory. Coral, lapis, jade... I think any of these could hold their own against floor length satin. They're so unexpected and such a nice departure from the faceted sparklyness we see so much of.
Not that that I have ANYthing against sparkles. Lord knows. I came *this* close to buying a 3 carat peridot cocktail ring off the TV. My entire line of reasoning behind this almost purchase was "oooooo sparkly". Luckily, I have smart people nearby who can fend-off my reasoning with genius counterpoints. I believe that in this particular case the smart person was Dell and the counterpoint was "You don't need a 3 carat cocktail ring". I knew I married him for a reason.
Oh yeah. You can check out Olia for the wonderful jewelry above and more; both sparkly and non.