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I'm dedicating this post to Kathryn (who spells her first name the EXACT same weird way I spell my middle name. Yay.) Kathryn emailed me looking for some toasting glasses for her upcoming wedding, and I thought I'd troll around on Ebay to see if there was anything good to "clink" with.
There was.
1, 2, 3, 4
5, 6, 7, 8
Here's to Kathryn!


Kathryn on 6:55 AM

Thanks for the post! I had to show my fiance that I was now somewhat famous, he was like you what with a blog. I did end up getting a pair off of ebay, we'll see if they come in okay. I got my dress on ebay too, though there was this whole shill bidding thing that happened with the sellers, which made me swear not to use ebay, but I can't resist it.

ambika on 3:39 PM

Ooo, really love the blue stained ones. Anything with color is fine by me.

L. on 9:56 PM

Oh God, thank you for posting these. I e-mailed the woman who had listed number 6, and though the auction had ended she relisted them and I scored them! I love them already. Thanks for the heads up! And wonderful blog -- that's not an afterthought, it's absolutely true.