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green tea party

This is my new favorite idea for a bridal shower, inspired by an email from Orchid. A green tea party! You could get some green tea cups on eBay, (aim for the ones under $10), one for each guest. Serve green tea from the tea cups and and accompany that with other goodies. I'm thinking the whole thing could have a 'Asia meets England' feel to it. Imagine if the couple was ACTUALLY Asian and English? THAT would be cool. You could serve sushi and cucumber sandwiches, and sip green tea from green tea cups. At the end of the party each guest goes home with their cup. If I ever have another shower, this is what I'm doing. Except I'm not serving tea, I'm serving green tea martinis. Should I start collecting green tea cups now? Or should I wait? I found the above cups by searching for "green cup saucer" on eBay.


grace on 5:57 PM

This is such a cute idea!

mo on 7:59 PM

I think you need green martini glasses... I think I have some of those!
Want to buy them?