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I found these gorgeous ceramics via Wedding Bee, who apparently discovered them via Daily Candy. Either way, I'm so happy I found them. I love the tea set. What a great present for me. Ehem. I mean, for anyone.


Chippery on 11:53 PM

Hi... I love your blog and the thousands of things you find. Could I send out a request? I don't know about you, but I am in love with mother-of-pearl anything, and am currently looking for a bracelet for my April '07 wedding. I found the perfect one last autumn, but lost the website I discovered it on (all I remember about it was that the website was based in New York and featured very cool mother-of-pearl, turquoise, and other nifty stones and things on it...)

Since then, I've had no luck! So, if you're ever short for ideas, maybe you'll remember my little request and find a gold mine (or mother-of-pearl mine) :)


ambika on 1:47 PM

Love birds on anything (even tho I know the trend has been done to death.) These dishes are fanciful and sweet. Just love them.

... on 9:31 AM