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Hi all. I just wanted to let everyone know that I've posted a new section called Sketchbook... over there, in the menu on the right. See it? I thought you might like to see what I do, when I'm not making pretty wedding invitations or blogging, or making giant paper poppy pomanders, (which by the way, are going very well since I've figured out a quicker way to make the flowers).
*Just a warning, my drawings have little or nothing to do with weddings, they're just some of my doodlings.*


joy on 5:55 PM

wow! that's the most impressive sketch book i've ever seen! not surprising coming from an illustrator--but wow! how detailed and lovely!

Michele on 2:15 PM

That makes me want to use pencil some more.

mo on 5:10 PM

I can't get enough of this artwork. I just love it!

mackenzie on 5:21 PM

You guys are so sweet! I'm so happy I decided to post it!

rob on 10:37 AM

damn girl. your sketchbook looks awesome. i love your illustrations. always have.