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huvafen fushi

One day, when I am rich, I will go here. I will sit (apres snorkeling) on the glass deck of my private ocean bungalow with my decadent tropical drink overlooking the calm waters of the deep blue Indian Ocean. I will summon my personal butler to fetch me crispy french fries with extra ketchup. I will turn to my husband, and I will say "I need nothing else from life." He will nod, and we will take naps.


joy on 2:22 PM

i love your description of this place and what you will do when you go there!

Pily on 12:44 PM

daydreaming... that I share, and no one can take it from us
Nice! one day u will be there :)

angie b. on 6:13 PM beautiful! i just read about this resort today in a work-related newsletter. the design firm won the will ching design competition which honors outstanding design by firms of 5 or fewer. i didn't see any pictures though, so this is a treat :)