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more wall hanging ideas

While I was thinking last night about creating your own "art" for a wedding space, I thought that there might be an even easier way to create large scale canvases of visual intrigue. Why not buy those pre-made stretcher frames (again, the bigger the better) and stretch some really awesome fabric around them? Take these patterns by Amy Butler for example, they are very large scale, and the yardage is pretty cheap. You could create 5 or 6 large canvases with the same pattern, and poof! Instant color theme, instant style. Hang them up all around a white tent, a white room, heck, you could put 'em in the loo!
I found these patterns at, (my secret guilty pleasure for patterns). Secret's out.


Priya on 11:29 AM

Great idea! Don't forget about Marimekko! (

Trish on 6:08 AM

Hey there! I did this in my apartment and it looks awesome! Only, I stretched fabric over canvas prints (not framed) that I didn't like any more, and I even recycled some very sturdy long rectangular shaped cardboard boxes that I had by covering them in fabric and hanging them on the wall! You can't tell and the fabric is secured in such a way that I can re-use both the fabric and what it is mounted to whenever I decide to re-decorate. :)