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ritu beri wedding saris

I found these gorgeous wedding saris by Indian designer Ritu Beri while surfing yesterday. I love the idea that every culture comes up with its own ideal of beauty for the bride, and every culture comes up with something different! I think these are so sumptuous and rich looking, they make me wish I had an occassion were I could wear a sari...


summer on 5:33 PM

haha, these are the tip of the iceberg!! so many more gorgeous lehenga's & ghagra choli's out there! bride's in india usually wear the traditional red & i wear sari's to formal dinners n things- so the occasion doesn't have to be thaaat special :) just get to it!

Kavita on 11:41 AM

Hi Kate -- these items pictured here are not sarees, but lehengas, which is what Ritu Beri is known for. Saris are draped around the body.

Mackenzie on 11:45 AM

I sit corrected! I love them all the same :)

vinay on 4:34 AM

Hi nice collection of Wedding Sarees i like it.

saree point on 5:26 AM

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