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molokai ranch

I'm sitting here in my living room, feeling under the weather, listening to the torrential rain outside, watching QVC, and seriously contemplating buying a peridot cocktail ring. I actually think I might need that 4 carat ring! How the heck are they doing it? I don't know. Luckily my mister is here to stop me in case I actually go for the phone.
Anyway, to snap me out of it, let's talk about Hawaii. If you're looking for a "chillax'in" kind of honeymoon, a real break from the world, I'd go to the island of Molokai. The most traditionally Hawaiian of all the islands, this place is very secluded, sooo peaceful, and so not touristy. When my mister and I were there, we stayed at the Molokai Ranch, one of only two places to stay on the island. We camped out on the beach in "tent-alows" suspended above the sand. Our tent-alow had two rooms, a private bathroom, a queen size bed, and freshly laundered towels every morning. We were served sumptuous dinners each night on the beach, by the light of torches planted in the sand. Every single day we sat by the beach or the infinity pool, ordering mai-tais via pool side telephone. Other than that, we did nothing, and it was the best vacation ever!


Erica on 7:16 AM

This looks gaw-gous! And nice usage of chillax...I recently learned this word and have been trying to throw it into conversation whenever I can.

Katie Runnels on 8:43 PM


I don't know if you'll see this-or have time- but I'm hoping you might tell me a bit more about your time at the Molokai Beach Village. I am driving myself crazy reading all the comments on trip It seems to be a love/hate kind of experience! Can I ask what time of year you went-and how long ago? Also-did you mind the drive to get back to the ranch to use the pool, etc. Thanks for any info you might have time to dish! We are planning our honeymoon for this october-thank you!!- Katie

mackenzie on 9:57 PM


We were there in October, and were some of the only visitors there. We spent 4 very quiet days by the pool relaxing, and enjoying the poolside service. We stayed in the village by the water, and drove up to the pool once a day and back in the evening for dinner. The tents were fun, and the food was good (if expensive) most nights we ate on the beach by tiki torch. Aside from the Ranch, there is really nothing to do on Molokai, so don't go there if you're looking for night life or lots of activities. There are horseback rides, snorkeling and other excursions available thru the Ranch, but we didn't do any of them, in favor of sitting down and doing nothing in the sun, which is exactly what we wanted to do. The excursions were also a bit on the expensive side, so we just chilled. Bring a good book or a game you both enjoy, there are no tv's in the tents. The location was isolated, but we didn't mind. It was very, very relaxing and very quiet. If you do stay in the tents, make a point to stay up late one night and star gaze. It's the stariest night sky you'll ever see!

mackenzie on 10:02 PM

PS we were there in 2004--
We also spent 9 days of our vacation on Kauai, where we snorkeled and kayaked and did all sorts of other fun stuff. If you're thinking of staying on Kauai, the Hyatt is the place you want to be. Hands down.

Katie Runnels on 10:49 AM

Thank you so much!! It sounds heavenly! I really appreciate you taking the time to respond so graciously! I just needed to hear a little more from someone I trusted!
Many thanks, Katie

tara on 11:52 PM

Hey Mackenzie and Readers- Just wanted to let you know Molokai Ranch is now closed. There are still many great off-the-beaten-path options in Hawaii: Puu O Hoku Ranch on Molokai, Hotel Lanai on Lanai, Paia Inn on Maui, Kaawa Loa Plantation and Waianuhea on the Big Island, the Wilcox Estate in Hanalei, Kauai... and the list goes on and on!