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diamonds on the soles of her shoes

I guess it's Shoe Day here at SOSN.
Apparently, Rene Caovilla makes the most gorgeous shoes ever. Huh. Who knew? I know, I know they aren't white satin, and to that I say: "Fiddlesticks!" Wearing these shoes would be like wearing diamond necklaces on your feet. When you've got diamonds, you forget all about satin. For those of you looking for something really $pecial, this is it. Just the idea of the strappy ones (2nd from the right) peeking out from under a Grecian, empire waisted gown, or *gasp* at an Indian wedding, under an elaborate pink and gold sari! So gorgeous. These babies are available at Grossman's Shoes in Greenwich, and on-and-off at Saks Fifth Avenue.


Bee on 11:02 PM

her shoes are fabulous!!! i love the second ones.

joy on 2:11 PM

wow that 2nd pair is gorgeous!

Twistie on 4:56 PM

I can't do heels like that, but I love the idea of fun shoes for weddings. That's why I wore bright red dancing ghillies on my wedding day. They looked and felt wonderful all day long!

bridal shoe on 8:47 PM
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