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Inspirations from Luisa Beccaria

Holy delicate femininity! I love this designer! Luisa Beccaria specializes in dresses, and although they aren't technically wedding gowns, I would wear any of these to my nuptuals, heck yeah! She also does couture bridal, if that's more your speed. Check out her website, it's easy to navigate, and a great source of inspiration for both wedding gowns and bridesmaid's dresses (try not to drool on the keyboard). Her line is carried at several shops in the US, the website gives a comprehensive list.


joy on 2:53 PM

oooh, all great choices...very dreamy and chic meets SJP in Sex and the City...

Samantha Hahn on 8:39 PM

sigh...I love this blog.

Penis Enlargement on 6:56 AM
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Maya on 6:12 PM

man, these are awesome! so gorgeous i even had to post about them on my own blog :) thanks for pointing these out. this really is the best blog ever.