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I came across these old images of empresses I collected a while back for an illustration project and thought you might find them inspiring. Don't get excited! I'm not suggesting you dress up as Empress Jospehine for your wedding. I'm just saying that sometimes it's nice to take a few beauty cues from somewhere other than Vogue or InStyle. It keeps things fresh. A string of pearls for the hair, a forgotten neckline, an interesting dress shape, all these things are what inspire designers, so why not us? These dashing darlings, from left to right, top to bottom are: Empress Elizabeth of Austria, Empress Farah of Iran, Empress Carlotta of Mexico, Empress Elisaveta of Russia.
That dress Empress Farah is wearing... to die for, right? Anyone know a good seamstress? I'm thinking silk dupioni in teal...


Twistie on 10:29 AM

I took my wedding hairstyle from Queen Victoria. It was a style she wore in her youth, and it looked great with my Pride and Prejudice-inspired wedding gown. What's more, it was easy enough to do myself and simple enough to stay in place through the entire day.

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