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we like toronto

Hello everyone! I'm back. I was in Toronto for the weekend to see my family-in-law. We like Toronto.
I came across some fun things there that I think you all might like. First stop: The Beadery. Gorgeous beads from all over the world, but better yet, the website is full of instruction on how to use them! Everything from instructions on making your own chandelier earrings to a glossary of tools for jewelry making. Check that out.

Next stop: The King Edward Royal Meridien. The nicest brunch buffet! Hot food = hot. Cold food = cold. Harpist in the corner, 40 foot ceilings, super service, great coffee, all the fresh squeezed OJ you can drink, beef wellington, and a chocolate fountain! If you're in Toronto, don't skip this place. They have one of the nicest banquet spaces I've seen so if you're getting married in the area, it's worth a look. If the wedding spread is anywhere near as great as their Sunday brunch buffet, your guests will be totally overjoyed. (I'm seeing about photos I'll post them in a bit).

Last stop: Karen's house to test a paper poppy pomander. See pics...the results were amazing! The unfortunate part is that we used every last flower we made on one center piece/pendant light combo. In order to finish enough flowers for 13 of these, we'll need to enlist more helpers or we'll need to sell our souls to the devil. It's up to Karen, which ever she wants to do. *that's brother Jay who's cut in half in the photos...hi Jay!*


joy on 8:30 PM


these look absolutely beautiful! too bad they are so time consuming, but really so so gorgeous!!!

Priya on 8:55 AM

I love those. So lush that from a distance I'd swear you used real flowers.