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the princess brides

When I was trying on wedding dresses, the number one thing I'd hear people say, about me or anyone else in a big white dress was: "You look like a princess!". So, I wondered, what does a princess look like these days anyway? I collected a bunch of images of princesses, duchesses, and the like just in case any of you are also curious. If you are a princess and you happen to be missing from this post but would like to be included, send me an email with some wedding photos, I'll make it happen.

*These images are from all over the place, and they don't belong to me.*
May I present, in order from left to right, top to bottom:

1) Archduchess Marie Astrid of Austria
2) Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands
3) Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg
4) Queen (then Princess) Sonja of Norway
5) Princess Mathilde of Belgium, Duchess of Brabant
6) Duchess Fleur of Wuerttemberg
7) Princess Alexia of Greece
8) Princess Marilene of Orange-Nassau
9) Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark
10) Clotilde, Princess of Venice and Piedmont
11) Princess Maxima of the Netherlands *Thanks Ida!*

No strapless ball gowns here. Princesses like long sleeves, yes they do.


Erica on 7:19 AM

Lovin Princess Marilene's dress! Holla for sleeves!

Twistie on 10:26 AM

Part of the reason sleeves are so prevelant in these photos is royal protocol usually prohibits strapless for weddings. Then again, I have no problem with that! Here's hoping a few brides and bridal designers start taking a hint from these classy ladies.

It's not that nobody should go strapless; it's more that it's not the best look for everyone.

bridal shoe on 9:47 PM
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