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laurent olivier makes fun barettes

Until recently I would have told you that barettes were soooo over. But then I found these oversized Laurent Oliver ones that I'm just nuts about. They really curve around your head in a most comfortable way. I got mine, in the image above, from Neda in Brooklyn. You can also find them at Hair Boutique online. Next on my list is a big orange one, or maybe white, I can't decide.


joy on 8:42 PM

these are gorgeous! i has seen one of his other pieces in MS weddings--love that one in the pic on the right!

Mackenzie on 11:54 PM

I didn't know these were in Martha! I'm so pleased that I found Martha worthy items! Yay!

kelly on 8:52 AM

What kind of hairstyle can you do with these? I love the look but perhaps you have some links of more detailed pics of how to use these lovely barrettes?
Thanks!! I love this blog :)

angela on 11:48 PM

In NYC Eve Bari carries Laurent Olivier hair accessories. So many styles and colors. And a great accessories store too!

"Tiny-but-Amazing Hat and Scarf Shop in New York City

FEBRUARY 26, 2005: Before you visit Eve Bari, explore the massive first floor of Bergdorf Goodman, paying particular attention to accessories. Use this experience to pump up with pure shopping lust.

Once high, let off a bit of charge card steam by strolling two short blocks to Eve Bari. This 250 square foot shop may seem small (like, it is!), but half of it is stacked with unique knit caps and scarves. This is the place to go for natural fibers (fine wool and silk) and a lot of fringe. Many items are one-of-a-kind or very limited editions. Prices for almost everything falls between $60 to $150, with many items around $85. All items, including handbags, compare very favorably to accessories priced between $400 to $800 elsewhere. 205 W. 57th Street by 7th Avenue 212-974-8533."

Rena on 5:49 PM

Hi I just wanted to introduce myself and my newest products... I am a hairstlyist in Connecticut. I have had so many requests from brides and prom goers flooking for unique hairclips so I started to make small covered ones and also I can make a clip from a drawing someone sends me.Then I cover them in Swarovski Rhinestones I love them so much that I actually kept the first bunch for myself...:) But anyway I would love to send you a sample design to see what you think

Angela on 8:29 PM

I looove Laurent Olivier clips. I am a transplanted New Yorker living in Austin, TX. They have a huge selection at the Neiman Marcus Outlet in Austin.

Anonymous on 12:01 AM

Did you know you can buy them at I have bought alot of different ones from them.