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We are all very concerned. We are worried. We don't know what to do. Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, Wedding Day, Flag Day and Wednes Day are all coming fast and we have no idea what to get for whoever we must get IT for! Help!

Here to help us is Carolyn. She writes a wonderful blog about gift giving called Whirled Events, where she focuses on where to go and what to get. All together... Thank You Carolyn! She wrote me a lovely email not too long ago to share a cool site she found called the Wedding Ring Workshop, a place where brides and grooms can make each other's wedding bands. How nice of her, right? I think so. I thought all of the brides out there looking for bridesmaids gifts would appreciate her help as well. Check her out!
image above from Martha Weddings. Thank you Martha.


prettyprettythings on 2:24 PM

check out, I think you might like it.

Elisa on 1:23 PM

Please visit