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I wasn't totally thrilled with my internet veil shopping experience. I found that unless you want something exceedingly simple, it's hard to order online. It seems that your best bet is to call or visit actual shops. Here are the best of the bunch.

Top Row Leah C. makes couture millinery here in NYC. She has some wonderfully unique styles on her website, or she'll make you a custom veil to exactly match your dress. Her website is awesome, but you've got to visit her or call to place an order.

Middle Row Erica Koesler makes a huge variety of veils, some very plain some not, all quite pretty. I found her website to be a tad difficult to use, but hey, she designs veils not websites, so check her out. You must "locate a store nearest you" to purchase her products.

Bottom Row J Couture in Park Slope makes a nice variety of veils, and has a wonderful website. I can say from personal experience that J Couture will custom make whatever you desire, weather it be a hairpeice, a custom veil, or a pill box hat. She's easy to work with and her store front is as cute as a button. But again, you've got to call or go to her store to place your order.

At the very least, visit these sites to get ideas on how to cover your bridal bean in style!


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