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My sister says that I've been neglecting shoes... so here goes.
Top row: Vera Wang Jeweled Sandals, Malia by Nina, Lillie by rsvp.
Middle row: Davina by J. Renee, Flo by Nina, Jubilee by Caparros.
Bottom row: Megan by J. Renee, Pom Pom sandals by Vera Wang, Julep by J. Renee.
The Vera Wang Pom Pom Sandals in the bottom row look so beautiful on. The "Megan" and the "Julep", also in the bottom row, have just a hint of color and would be very subtle under a long dress. Think of either of these styles as jewelry for your feet! I'm also totally in love with the Jubilee, in the middle row, I'm picturing them with something tea length.


Meggie on 6:59 PM

I am so glad you directed your attention to this area, it's what i've been craving.