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custom boutonnieres

HEY everyone! I had amazing vacation full of swimming, eating, sleeping and a lot of driving! I'm happy to be back home and ready to get back to my work. I want to tell you more about the place where we stayed during our trip, but I'll save that for another day when it's not so late and I'm not so tired. For now I'll point you in the direction of Twigs and Honey, an adorable Etsy shop that will custom make your boutonnieres for you in any color combination you can imagine with all manner of beautiful bits and pieces. Aren't they amazing?



Deirdre Gill on 11:10 AM

Welcome back. The internet is boring without you.

christy on 12:26 PM

Welcome home! Hooray for summer vacations! Love the boutonnières too, such a fun real flower alternative.

the b-line on 9:05 PM

I love these bouttoniers! Lovely colors!