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In this warm, humid weather it's hard to think about fuzzy sweaters... but I love these cover-ups for a fall or a church wedding. I actually wore something really similar to the shawl at my own wedding. My grandmother made it for me and it was one of my favorite details of our wedding. It kept me nice and warm while we were out taking pictures in Times Square on a crisp October night. From Nijani on Etsy.

8 comments: on 10:22 PM

Those are both gorgeous! I love the shrug best though. The colors and the's perfection.

Annapolitan on 1:45 AM

Hi, I love your blog! Even though I'm not a bride-to-be or someone who has much to do with weddings or events, I love being treated to daily examples of your exquisite taste.

I'm a little confused by what you wrote, though, and I wanted to ask you if I'm reading this correctly.

I actually wore something really similar to the shall at my own wedding.

Do you mean "shawl", as in you wore a shawl to your own wedding? Or am I misinterpreting this sentence?

Helen on 3:49 AM

Gorgeous!! That's exactly what I'm doing for my BMs - my mum has made cream shrugs in cashmere knit for them that coordinate over their navy blue dresses. Very exciting and probably very necessary in November in England! Well found. God love Etsy!!

Mackenzie on 8:51 AM

Gee anna... I spelled the word "shawl" wrong. Ooops! It is now correctly spelled to prevent further befuddlement.

Critsey on 10:23 AM

Very Beautiful! I wish more of my winter brides with sleeveless dresses would have a shaw or cute jacket for outside photos.

Great inspiration!

Anonymous on 3:46 PM

Denise Boston,Mass.

Nanette on 11:07 PM

I wore a similar knit sweater to the picture on the left for my wedding. I didn't need it until the end of the day, but it was so cozy. And I still wear it! Sweaters for brides are underrated.
Nanette and Karl Rouwhorst

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