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Oh, so cute! These cake toppers from Cornflake Girl are just adorable! She makes custom birdies, but order ahead! She's a busy lady from now thru October.


Jan on 10:29 AM

Oh my gosh those are so so cute. It makes me want to get married again. Love them. I mean I am chirping with love for them. Great job.

Madelyn @ Southern Weddings on 10:54 AM

These are absolutely precious. I love their green outfits! They would be perfect for an outdoor or garden wedding! Fabulous!

Anonymous on 9:54 PM

I am so glad you put these on your site--
Ann Wood birds are everywhere--
and I ordered a set of these from cornflake girl and LOVE them!! I think they are even quirkier and can be more personalized! I love Ann Wood but these are quirkier for my taste-- ordered the yellow set with chartreuse and the bride has a birdcage veil! Providence Rocks! love your blog

Anonymous on 8:59 PM

I love the cake topper cornflakegirl made for our wedding three weeks ago. I'm so glad there are options for people who don't look like the little cake people. With my pixie cut I would have had to glue a dress on a groom ;)

Soy Candles on 4:30 PM

So cute! I am totally digging the new trend of bird themes.

fish on 10:44 AM


Wedding cake toppers on 6:25 AM

Great article. Those birds are just adorable. You'll be able to find more cak topper listed here:

Anonymous on 3:41 PM

I actually had her make my cake topper and I couldn't be happier! She did a beautiful job customizing and was so wonderful to work with!

Anonymous on 4:49 PM

Too cute!