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paper lace

So I've decided to round out the unofficial Etsy week... make it official. I thought these rolls of filigreed paper would be amazing for wrapping around your bouquet stem, wrapping around some votives, creating a quick decorative touch to your centerpieces, personalizing your favors, or dressing up your place settings (the list could go on and on). I love that these little details are out there, and for such reasonable prices! From Brookerpie on Etsy.


Amanda B. Young on 4:16 AM

I love these...especially with the votive candle idea! They certainly could be used creatively for a lot of things.

Anonymous on 7:00 AM

I used these as part of the wrap around my self-made invitations! We've gotten lots of compliments.

I might wrap votives for the reception as well.

Molly on 7:54 AM

OoOo Caiti those are beautiful invitiations. Is there any chance you have more pics? I do really love this lace. Thank you for the post!

maritessb on 10:36 AM

LOVE THIS! I'm buying my set today! on 12:53 PM

Oh WOW. This stuff is fantastic! I can think of about 816 uses off the top of my head. Time to go shopping...

Life Design Event Planning on 1:49 PM

These are so adorable. The things people come up with and manufacture blow me away. Love the detail.

Anonymous on 3:47 PM

I love working with vintage lace!

FAITH on 9:56 PM

or cupcake wrappers!