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constant reminder

I think this would be the perfect wedding gift for like... 50% of the population. I won't say which 50%, but I think we all know who we are. Continuing with my Etsy jag, these are available thru Cherry Creek.


Ashley L. on 2:19 AM

agreed. i love this. its charming :)

Teresa on 11:42 AM

I love esty! I did a lot of the details of my wedding thru etsy artist. My veil, custom rings, banners, and ring pillow. Thanks for featuring such individuals. etsy rules!

Piper Jacquelyn on 3:57 PM

those are gorgeous! i would gladly wear one any day!

Amanda B. Young on 8:54 PM

Hahaha! I love this post! And, I totally agree...this is just a fantastic idea!

The Virtual Bridesmaid on 10:43 AM

Great Idea!!

The Virtual Bridesmaid

Richard on 11:45 AM

That's a beautiful piece of jewelry to commemorate a wedding day. Etsy rocks.

Art Deco Rings
make a great engagement ring too.

Dynamite Weddings on 6:52 PM

What a fantastic piece! This way your new hubby won't forget your anniversary either. ;P