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martha, martha, martha!

I don't shop at Walmart. I really don't. I started to notice that I would go in there looking for one thing, find it, then wander around for an hour in a daze looking for who knows what. It's like I'm unable to escape. So I don't go in there anymore. I don't have the time. This does not stop me from eyeing Martha's Walmart collection called "Martha Stewart Celebrate", which I'm just going to call "Walmartha" for ease of use. Love Walmarta's peony bouquet kit, favor boxes, and adorable cake toppers. All of the above can be purchased online, without ever stepping foot into the time trap.


The Invitation Lady on 11:46 PM

I literally just stumbled upon Walmartha just days ago! I contacted my friend immediately about her Daisy collection for her sister's bridal shower. I definitely have Martha envy!

bridal buzz on 1:02 PM

I've actually tried something similar to the peony bouquet... also by martha.

Long story short: Michael's (the craft store chain) had about 5 different martha stewart paper flower kits on sale from $20.00 marked down to $2.00. So I greedily took them all and have completed two of the kits, one being a peony bouquet and the other a tulip bouquet. Mine are actually mean to sit in a vase, but they look almost the same as the photo you provided.

I just wanted to comment to let everyone know that they are very easy to do, and once you get the hang of the floral tape you are not going to want to stop!

:) Have a fabulous day!

-Mrs Cronkright

The Virtual Bridesmaid on 3:51 PM

The Martha Collection is Fabulous!

The Virtual Bridesmaid

Amanda B. Young on 5:03 PM

Hahah! Too funny! I know that Walmart daze you refer to all too well. Not only do I end up spending way too much time there I also end up leaving with way more than was on my list....another good reason to avoid it! But these, these are gorgeous. Thankfully there are plenty of other ways to get your Martha fix without having to go there!

Kat on 5:04 PM

we don't have walmartha in Canada but I do know whatyou mean about wandering around in a daze...I do exactly the same thing. Do you think they would ship to Canada if you order online?

Anonymous on 10:14 AM

I'm heading over to Wal-Mart to stock up on everything! BYW Kat, they do stock the new Celebrate and Create items, I found out completely by accident one day, apparently the fist day they were put out on the floor. Just check the arts and craft aisle.

The City Sage on 4:42 PM

That Martha, what will she come up with next! These look so elegant and not at all like they came from wal-mart. so many of the items, from the paper lanterns and bouquets to the printable stationery, are perfect not only for weddings but for any occasion at all. Nice work, Walmartha ;)

Rona's Home Page on 5:01 PM

I actually saw a TV ad for her wedding products at Walmart. It did take me by surprise.
The favor boxes will definitely work with my colors.